The Golden Ratio vs. The Rule of Thirds

The Case of Renée Zellwegger (NYT)

"...Faces are tightly packed with important biological information, Dr. Etcoff said. “They tell people who we are, who our relatives are, how we feel,” she said. “We are face virtuosos. We can discern one face from thousands, even millions, of other faces. When someone does something to their face that renders them unrecognizable, when that impacts our ability to read their face, it really is a jolt.”..." READ MORE


Henri Cartier Bresson's Decisive Moment 2015

"Within the canon of European photography books it would be difficult to find one more famous, revered and influential as Henri Cartier-Bresson’s Images a la Sauvette or, as the American edition is titled, The Decisive Moment...
Finally, after 62 years, it is again seeing the light of day this December with a gorgeous facsimile from the German publishing house Steidl..."  READ MORE (via Time)

SESIÓN 30. Fotografía clásica: Henri Cartier Bresson from tucamon on Vimeo.

Taking Pictures: Protect Your Work (New Yorker)

Taking Pictures: A Way for Photographers to Protect Their Work (via The New Yorker)

"...There’s software that can help photographers keep tabs, and services like ImageRights International, whose tagline is “It’s your image. You shot it. You created it. Now get paid for it.” Tracing infringements (and unwanted use in propaganda) is a part of any photographer’s job these days. “Professional photographers don’t talk about this publicly,” (Yunghi) Kim said. “But they all do it.”...

“Remember, infringers don’t set the price of your work. You do! My settlements range from 1,000 to 3,000 euros plus legal fees for a single unlicensed image used for editorial purposes.” Kim told me that, in general, “For me, it’s financially worth pursuing.”"  READ MORE


100 Things About Photography

1. Just because someone has an expensive camera doesn’t mean that they’re a good photographer.

5. The rule of thirds works 99% of the time.

12. There is no “magic” camera or lens.

28. The more photos you take, the better you get.

34. Think before you shoot.

61. Natural light is the best light.

71. You don’t need to fly to Paris to get good photos; the best photo opportunities are in your backyard.

83. Don’t look suspicious when taking photos- blend in with the environment.

85. Have fun while taking photos.

99. Capture the decisive moment.

The Camera - a short film

The Camera (short film / original score) from Peter Lewis on Vimeo.

Magnum Photographer René Burri Dies

"News has emerged of the death of 81-year-old René Burri, a photographer with Magnum Photos. The news broke this afternoon (Monday 20 October). In an email sent to members of the press the agency said: “It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Magnum photographer René Burri who passed away today”"...READ MORE


Portraits of Four Sisters Every Year for 36 years

Nicholas Nixon and the Brown Sisters: Four Siblings Photographed Every Year for Forty Years (See Photos)


Photographer and Elephant Seal Pups


Jeff Harris: 4,748 Self-Portraits and Counting

Jeff Harris: 4,748 Self-Portraits and Counting from Jonas Colstrup on Vimeo.

Ethics of Sports Photojournalism Portraits

"...journalists “can't photoshop or alter the images in any way. This is where portrait photographers and news photographers are VERY different.”  Photoshopping news photos beyond minor color corrections is a major ethical violation in the photojounalism business.

Others asked whether portraits (as opposed to candid shots) in news photojournalism might be exempt from this ethical rule. In photojournalism, photographers are allowed to position their news subjects for portraits without being accused of "staging" --yet another ethical danger zone for news photographers and editors. Read more in the National Press Photographers Association's Code of Ethics for further details.

The general public seems largely unaware of the rules of photojournalism that prohibit anything except the most basic adjustments to exposure and color in a photograph...."  READ MORE

Cosmetic Surgery in Brazil (via NPR)

'A country known for its natural beauty — tropical beaches and vast rain forest — Brazil recently surpassed the U.S. as the nation with the most cosmetic surgeries performed in the world. That’s despite the fact that it has fewer people and less collective disposable income per capita than the U.S. In Brazil, it’s not just the upper class getting lipo. And it’s not just middle-aged women, either." SEE SLIDESHOW 


Basic Photography Interactive Tutorial (FREE)

"The Where To Start Chart is a tools designed to help beginning photographers navigate the settings on their camera. The chart is an interactive PDF file with links to hours of free photography tutorials. If you get to a spot and are unsure what something means, just click the box to watch a video about that topic..." DOWNLOAD INTERACTIVE PDF


10 Photos Documenting The Return of the Jedi

Fifty photography documenting the making of Star Wars: Episode VI - The Return of the JediSEE PHOTOS


The Manual Photographer's Cheat Sheet

Download larger version here.