Portraits of Four Sisters Every Year for 36 years

Nicholas Nixon and the Brown Sisters: Four Siblings Photographed Every Year for Forty Years (See Photos)


Photographer and Elephant Seal Pups


Jeff Harris: 4,748 Self-Portraits and Counting

Jeff Harris: 4,748 Self-Portraits and Counting from Jonas Colstrup on Vimeo.

Ethics of Sports Photojournalism Portraits

"...journalists “can't photoshop or alter the images in any way. This is where portrait photographers and news photographers are VERY different.”  Photoshopping news photos beyond minor color corrections is a major ethical violation in the photojounalism business.

Others asked whether portraits (as opposed to candid shots) in news photojournalism might be exempt from this ethical rule. In photojournalism, photographers are allowed to position their news subjects for portraits without being accused of "staging" --yet another ethical danger zone for news photographers and editors. Read more in the National Press Photographers Association's Code of Ethics for further details.

The general public seems largely unaware of the rules of photojournalism that prohibit anything except the most basic adjustments to exposure and color in a photograph...."  READ MORE

Cosmetic Surgery in Brazil (via NPR)

'A country known for its natural beauty — tropical beaches and vast rain forest — Brazil recently surpassed the U.S. as the nation with the most cosmetic surgeries performed in the world. That’s despite the fact that it has fewer people and less collective disposable income per capita than the U.S. In Brazil, it’s not just the upper class getting lipo. And it’s not just middle-aged women, either." SEE SLIDESHOW 


Basic Photography Interactive Tutorial (FREE)

"The Where To Start Chart is a tools designed to help beginning photographers navigate the settings on their camera. The chart is an interactive PDF file with links to hours of free photography tutorials. If you get to a spot and are unsure what something means, just click the box to watch a video about that topic..." DOWNLOAD INTERACTIVE PDF


10 Photos Documenting The Return of the Jedi

Fifty photography documenting the making of Star Wars: Episode VI - The Return of the JediSEE PHOTOS



The Story-Telling Power of Photography

LensCulture's Emerging Talents Winners

"You should know about these 50 photographers! We’ve discovered some great, new, emerging talents from around the world. Photographers from 94 countries submitted their best work for our review. An international jury of photography experts had to select 50 from the thousands of entries..." SEE PHOTO PROJECT GALLERIES


Jeffery Salter: Light and Breaking Rules

Miami Photographer Jeffery Salter on a Location Shoot for his Key Bridge Dance project.

The Failed Revolution - Jan Josef Stok

Photographer Jan Josef Stok's fundraising and article:

"On a November night in 1965, Che Guevara quietly boarded a small boat on Lake Tanganyika. It was the end of his secret mission designed to spark a revolution in Congo. Several months earlier, he had entered the country secretly with 100 Cuban combatants to support an insurgency against the imperialist forces..." READ MORE and SEE PHOTOS