Portraits of Homeless Military Veterans

"What Do Homeless Vets Look Like?"  SEE SLIDESHOW


Photographer Rejected Racism in the South

"In an era that was marked by growing racial discrimination and the introduction of what were known as the "Jim Crow" segregation laws, a relatively unknown photographer, Hugh Mangum, did a rare thing - he opened his doors to everyone regardless of their race, gender or how much money they had..."  READ MORE (Via The BBC)



Story Behind Thomas Franklin's Iconic 9/11 Photo

Photos by Thomas Franklin

"...I work for the the Bergen Record newspaper. At the time, our offices were in a five-story building in Hackensack, NJ, five miles from New York City. I happened to be in the office early that day preparing for a meeting when an editor came running into the photo department saying a plane had hit the World Trade Center..."  READ STORY and SEE PHOTOS (via The Image Deconstructed)

New York Times 2002 Photo Pulitzer Prize

The 2002 Pulitzer Prize Winner
Breaking News Photography
The New York Times Staff
U.S. Attacked  


The iPhone...is NOT a great camera

"The iPhone is a great camera for a phone, but it is NOT a great camera.

We as a society have become giddy with the idea that we are carrying around a professional camera in our pockets, after all..."  READ MORE (via PetaPixel)


Drama Fotografico


Photos Taken By Pets And Farm Animals

Photo by Chris Keeney

In Chris Keeney’s latest photo book, titled Petcam: The World Through the Lens of Our Four-Legged Friends, the photographs were not shot by him. Instead, he enlisted the help of his pet dog and cat, and other animals like cows, chickens, and pigs from all over the world to take the pictures for him...." READ MORE and SEE PHOTOS

Smartphone – Tiny Camera: Giant Lens

"If you thought mounting a full frame lens onto a mirrorless camera just imagine what attaching a massive telephoto lens in front of your smartphone would look like..."
Read More (via Phoblographer)

History of Photography

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Introduction to Photojournalism

  • Pictures That Change History: Why the World Needs Photojournalists. It's never been easier to take photos—or harder to capture ones that matter.  READ ARTICLE (via The Atlantic)

Photojournalism at Boston University