Director Robert Rodriguez SAAHJ Award Speech

'It's not important about how you say – It's about what you say.' –Robert Rodriguez


 "A selfie doesn’t always have to be about you; let the destination have some me-time, too. David Wells, an International Center of Photography faculty member who leads photography workshops, offers tips on elevating the selfie to a higher form of travel photography..." SEE TIPS (Via The Washington Post)


The “Snapshot” Changed the World

"...Things changed dramatically in 1888 when George Eastman introduced the Kodak camera. A small hand-held box, it cost only $25—about the price of a higher-end iPad in today’s money, which put it in the range of the well-off middle class. And it offered simplicity: It arrived with 100 shots preinstalled, and when they were taken you shipped the entire camera back to Eastman’s factory in Rochester, New York, where workers developed the photos and mailed them back to you along with your reloaded camera. “You press the button, we do the rest,” as the Kodak slogan rang..." READ MORE

Behind the Scenes at Ferguson Protest

"Photojournalist’s Helmet Cam Takes You Behind the Scenes in Ferguson as Police Tear Gas Protesters" READ MORE AND WATCH VIDEO

Street Photography Advice for Shy Photographers

MediaStorm Guides to Premiere Pro

A Complete List of MediaStorm Guides to Premiere Pro: Learn Premiere Pro - SEE LIST


Ron Haviv: Going into News Hotspots

"Around the time of the speech, I was discussing the impact of honest photographic reporting on an Associated Press Photo Managers’ online panel. One the many takeaways from the panel: The role of the photojournalist is often misunderstood. These women and men see themselves as the eyes and ears of the community. One just needs to ponder the disconcerting experience of seeing this focused group of individuals who rush to the epicenter of drama and trauma while others flee for safety.

Take Ron Haviv, co-owner of VII Photo, whom I spoke with this week. He has been taken hostage three times.

He said contrary to popular opinions, all photographers covering conflict zones are not adrenaline junkies solely out to make a name for themselves..." READ MORE (via Poynter)

Famous Photographs Rendered in Play-Doh


Annie Leibovitz Shoots Kate Upton

POY Spoofs Rising Hipster Photography Trend

"‘Chris Bauer has just been given the title ‘Male Photographer of the Year’, and he has shot an amusing 85-second-long video telling you why. 

With the likely self-coined honorific, Bauer teases the rising trend of hipster photography with words of wisdom in the short, which also doubles up as a creative self-promotion video." READ MORE



Photojournalist James Foley Remembered

"For the 44 days I spent thinking about James Foley, he had no idea who I was. It was early 2011 and Jim, then a correspondent for the Global Post, had been kidnapped in Libya, where he was reporting on the civil war. Kidnapped with him were three other journalists, including a freelance reporter named Clare Morgana Gillis, who had filed stories for USA Today and the Atlantic..." READ MORE



Photo by Laura El Tantawy

"...Every shift in photography has been linked to a shift in technology,” the exhibit’s curator, Henry Jacobson, told me. “But what makes smartphone photography so different is the instantaneous sharing that this device enables.” Jacobson was interested in seeing how professional photographers, well versed in the medium’s history, have reacted to the rise of “deeply personal and deeply anonymous platforms” like Instagram. He cited El-Tantawy’s images of London and Cairo as strong examples..."  READ MORE and SEE PHOTOS

Amazing Career Advice For College Grads

"Reid Hoffman says it took him 15 years after graduating from Stanford in 1990 to figure out what he was really doing with his life.
Figure it out, he did!

Hoffman is now the billionaire co-founder of LinkedIn, a $19 billion public company..." READ MORE

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Photographing and Taping Cops at Work is a Right

"...There’s been a power shift in favor of everyday citizens and it’s being recorded on iPhones and Androids – then Facebooked, tweeted and Instagrammed. Now all the world has seen how a few bad cops do their job.

This summer, ordinary citizens have put those phones to good work..."  READ MORE