Apple Employee Quit to be a Photographer

"Be careful, if you’re considering quitting your job to become a protog, this video may just push you over the edge. Don’t say we didn’t warn you..." via DigitalRev

Ethics of Ketevan Kardava Brussels Photos


You Need More than Natural Talent to Make It

"You Need More than ‘Natural Talent’ to Make it as a Photographer:  In this 3-minute clip, the main character, Mason, has a conversation with his photography teacher, Mr. Turlington, in the class darkroom. It turns out to be a fatherly lecture about the importance of adding hard work and other qualities on top of natural talent..." READ MORE (via PetaPixel)


The Washington Post Talent Network

"New digital tool aimed at extending the reach of Post coverage; Makes it easier for editors and freelancers to connect and collaborate on story assignments..." (Read More)


Selfie Dangers Of Showing Off Online

"Thought-Provoking Selfie Ads Warn The Dangers Of Showing Off Online..." (See More)