Can We Still Recognize Quality Photography?

 Have advanced camera phones stunted our abilities to recognize professional photography? 

In the wake of mass layoffs of photographers from major news organizations like the Chicago Sun Times and Sports Illustrated, the National Press Photographers Association (NPPA) wanted to find out whether or not typical newspaper readers preferred — or could even tell the difference between — photos shot by professional photographers and those contributed by amateur shutterbugs. The results, contained in the newly released scientific Eyetracking Photojournalism Study and commissioned by the NPPA, were the topic of a SXSW panel, “Who’s Driving the Extinction of Pro Photographers?” They should surprise no one...(READ ARTICLE


Women in Photojournalism:

  • First behind the camera: Photojournalist Jessie Tarbox Beals: READ STORY
  • Two of a Kind: Alice Austen and Jessie Tarbox Beals: READ STORY
  • Jessie Tarbox Beals: En Espanol

Susan Meiselas

Carnival Strippers by Susan Meiselas from Magnum Photos on Vimeo.

Lynsey Addarrio

Lynsey Addario : "One of my goals as a photographer is to motivate people to act" | Behind the lens from Getty Images on Vimeo.

Stephanie Sinclair

Too Young to Wed: Destaye from TooYoungtoWed on Vimeo.

"Where Women Rule"  
Finally, I discussed a few of strong women journalists in leadership who I had the good fortune to work with and learn from during my six years as a photographer and deputy photo director at the Sarasota Herald-Tribune in Florida. It was a much different (much larger) newspaper then, owned by The New York Times.  American Journalism Review wrote about Diane McFarlin, Janet (Weaver) Coats, Rosemary Armao and, one of my biggest influences, Sara Quinn: READ HERE. (via American Journalism Review)

Steve McCurry's 9 Composition Tips

Nine Photo Composition Tips From Steve McCurry For Taking Better Pictures

  • Rule of Thirds
  • Leading Lines
  • Diagonals
  • Framing
  • Figure to Ground
  • Fill the Frame
  • Center the Dominant Eye
  • Patterns and Repetition
  • Symmetry


How to Hold a Camera

via Digital Camera World

How to Hold a Camera (Click Here for Full Version) via Digital Camera World


Harlin Ellison on Paying Artists

What Not to Say to Photographers

"Photography is a complex and challenging art and craft that requires talent and knowledge, but that doesn’t stop some people from treating them like free photo dispensers. That’s why Italian designer Luca Masini created the aptly named “What Not To Say To Photographers” image series." SEE IMAGES via Bored Panda


Henri Cartier-Bresson: A Decisive Collection

Recommended: Dumb Photos for Dumb People

Dumb Photos for Dumb People

Suppose you’re the director of photography (DoP) at a big magazine or newspaper and suppose your budget has been slashed (but I repeat myself).

How do you keep publishing great images?

You can no longer afford to hire great photographers. If you could afford them, you’d still have to get them to sign a work-for-hire agreement, which the great ones won’t do. Well, a few of them will, but you need to properly compensate them, put them on staff, and float them a low interest loan on their upstate, weekend home. So that’s not happening, because remember, you’ve got no money. To make matters worse, the day-rate you offer freelance photographers hasn’t risen in 25 years.... (READ ARTICLE - by Kenneth Jarecke via medium.com)


How Manuel Becker Improved His Photography

"The question I get asked the most is: “Wow, nice pic! Which camera are you using?” Does that sound familiar? In the past, every time I heard this question I would answer in the same way: by telling people which camera I was using, but that it didn’t really matter in my opinion.

Beginners and hobby photographers usually expect that, if they can only save enough money to buy much better equipment, this will improve their results in a linear way. Maybe that’s the reason so many people are buying DSLR cameras without knowing how or even having an open mind about learning how to use one..." READ FULL ARTICLE (via PetaPixel)

Sony World Photography Shortlist

See Shortlist of Winners from Sony World Photography: