#FINDMOMO - Cute Dog Photography Star

Momo, a border collie who loves to hide, became an internet star after his owner Andrew Knapp began regularly posting attractive photos of the hiding pooch on Instagram and Tumbler.  He even released a Find Momo photo book.


Ami Vitale's Top 10 Rules of Travel Photography

Photo by Ami Vitale via PetaPixel

"Photography is not about the camera. It’s not even about the beautiful images we create. It is about telling powerful stories. Photography is a tool for creating awareness and understanding across cultures, communities, and countries; a tool to make sense of our commonalities in the world we share. I believe the way to find common ground is by seeing yourself in others..." READ MORE (via PetaPixel)


Powerful Photo Essay Causes Internet Rage

When Struggling Families Spark Internet Rage

"Brenda Ann Kenneally is a documentary photographer who works in depressed urban environments, often photographing their residents repeatedly over a period of many years. “Upstate Girls,” her most recent project, began in 2003...

Ms. Kenneally’s forceful images drew a lot of attention. More than eighteen thousand people shared the Slate article on Facebook and hundreds commented on Slate’s Facebook page. Another 387 commented on the original post. Tweets criticized the subjects and the photographer.

The comments were harsh..." READ MORE (via The New York Times)

30 Magical Photos of Kids Around the World

Photo/Agoes Antara


The New York Times Photo Morgue

Sam Falk/The New York Times (via The Lively Morgue)

"...(Darcy) Eveleigh is a New York Times picture editor who curates the popular Tumblr blog, The Lively Morgue, a collection of historic and often quirky images found in the Times’ photo archive.
Eveleigh will not live to see every photo. The files are believed to hold between 10 and 20 million images. The site reports that if Times picture editors posted 10 new archived photos on the blog each day, they might have every picture online by the year 3935..." READ MORE and SEE PHOTOS

Our Love Affair With the Mug Shot

"...It’s the mug shot that launched a thousand memes and hashtags, from #hotfelon to #FelonCrushFriday. Those baby blue eyes belong to one Jeremy Meeks, age 30, arrested last month in Stockton, Calif..." READ MORE (via The New York Times)

Celebrate James Garner’s Polaroid Commercials

"...with the sad news of the passing of James Garner, it’s worth pausing to remember the commercials he did in the late 1970s and early 1980s for Polaroid. And–this being Technologizer–it’s how we’ll memorialize him here..." See Videos and Read Story


Making Up for Having a Small Sensor

"If it could, then a really good computer would make you a better writer and a really good guitar would make you a better player. It truth, a camera, a computer, and a guitar are simply instruments. Yes, the instruments give you options and some of those options are really important. But, an instrument in the hands of an artist who understands content will create something with more impact and depth than one made by an artist focused not on the content, but on the number of megapixels of his camera, the speed of his computer, or the exotic wood of his guitar..." READ STORY


The Big List of Free Photography eBooks

"This big list of digital freebies for photographers is a collection of ebook, photoshop actions, and the like, for you to download and learn from..." LINK

54 “Colorized” Photos From Last Century

Abraham Lincoln at Antietam, 1862

"Prior to the 1970s, color photography was hard to come by. These photos below have been “colorized” to help us visualize what the world that we only know as black and white looked like. It’s quite jaw-dropping to see the likes of Abraham Lincoln and Albert Einstein  in living color."  SEE PHOTOS

A Powerful Pet Photo Essay by Robyn Arouty

Photo by Robyn Arouty

"I Died Today, by Duke Roberts" -See Photos and Story 


"'This is how we saw most of the world when it got big for The Beatles. You'll find several of the shots in this book are from my point of view, looking out of a car window. That's just how it was. You had to get to the gig, and then get away from the gig to wherever you were going next.'" –Ringo Starr (SEE MORE)