Introduction to Photojournalism

  • Pictures That Change History: Why the World Needs Photojournalists. It's never been easier to take photos—or harder to capture ones that matter.  READ ARTICLE (via The Atlantic)

Photojournalism at Boston University


Widower's Beloved Photos of Wife Returned

 Read Story and See Photos via CNN

Bad Camera or Bad Photographer? (Editorial)

"Five years as an Editor in Chief, two years as a wedding photographer, a half a year at Magnum Photos, and two years as a working photojournalist taught me something: there is such a thing as a very bad photographer...."  READ MORE (Editorial via The Phoblographer)


Company Photoshops Model Meaghan Kausman

Swimwear company Fella Swim's re-touched a photograph by photographer Pip Summerville of Australian model Meaghan Kausman without authorization:  READ STORY

Top image was photoshopped; bottom is original by by Pip Summerville


Photographer Tasers and Films Nude Subjects

"(Photographer Patrick Hall) had his models stand in front of a high-speed camera while a friend mischievously waits to hit his prey with the stun gun. The result is definitely something you’d want to watch, but not experience..." READ MORE

Dad Makes Video of Daughter's Selfie Shoot

Smartphones Changed The Photography Experience

"(Henry Jacobson) says smartphones have democratized image making in an unprecedented way, more than even the Kodak Brownie or the 35mm Leica had done in the past. “I think  the smartphone is a radical change,” he explains. “The fact that everyone is a photographer has changed the way that everyone thinks about photography. It’s become about the sharing of experience, rather than the sharing of a moment, and that’s something that I think is entirely new.”"
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7 Tips and Tricks for Creative Smartphone Photos

"The Cooperative of Photography, is back in the photo tip game again, this time showing us 7 smartphone photography tips you’ll want to be writing down if you ever shoot with the computer in your pocket..." READ MORE (via PetaPixel)

The Power of the Still Image: Ed Kashi Interview

Ed Kashi Photo via EyeEm

"What tips would you give to aspiring photographers?

Be ready for a lot of defeat and frustration, you must be passionate and belief in yourself and your work. Create a great body of work that shows a point of view, a vision and personal approach. Own a subject, issue, style, area… distinguish yourself..." READ INTERVIEW w/ PHOTOS, VIDEO (via EyeEm)

Life Around The World Through Instagram

Hai Thanh/@HaiThanhptw
"Photographer Peter DiCampo and writer Austin Merrill never intended to start an international movement when they launched Everyday Africa in early 2012. Their initial goal was to act against the visual clichés and stereotypes about war, poverty and disease that permeate conventional media coverage of Africa. “As journalists who are native to Africa or have lived and worked ..." READ MORE and SEE PHOTOS


Paris Life Through An Old Pentax Viewfinder

"Using a Pentax 67, photography and filming enthusiasts Mathieu Maury and Antoine Pai from Maison Carnot showed us lovely scenes of Paris through its viewfinder..." READ MORE


Afropunks by Phil Knott

"...Phil Knott, whose portraits of heavily studded kids are illuminated with heavily contrasted black-and-white tones, was also a frequent contributor to the site. Documenting the growth of Afropunk culture has become a hobby for Mr. Knott, who has been taking street portraits of the alternative black scene in New York for the past five years...

To set up his portraits, he matches his method to the mood. While on the streets, he rolls out a white sheet of paper and tapes it to a wall. Inspired by Richard Avedon’s rich contrast fashion portraits, and to “avoid distraction from their faces,” Mr. Knott uses a white background for all of his portraits.

“I just wanted them to look at the camera and show themselves for what they are,” he said. “I never dressed them. These people were photographed as they were.”..."  SEE PHOTO GALLERY


Director Robert Rodriguez SAAHJ Award Speech

'It's not important about how you say – It's about what you say.' –Robert Rodriguez